Business Solutions & Optimization

Expertise and innovative solutions for specific applications including but not limited to:

Oil & Gas Production/Development

  • Reservoir Evaluation & Stimulation
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Exploration & Acquisition

Supply Chain Management
& Optimization

  • Software Solutions

Real Estate Development

  • Construction
  • Farming


  • Mass Transit Optimization

Aerospace Development

  • Research Technology
  • Space Exploration

Maritime Development

  • Marine Archaeology
  • Nautical Mapping

Resource Management

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Resource Maximization
  • Sustainability


When it comes to count on a trusted partner to help you walk the road of decision-making, you can be assured that Optima's personnel will provide the quantitative, qualitative and professional treatment to fit your needs and help redefine your future.

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Demonstrated success of various clients, partners and leading corporations show our committment to drive constant value to constituents interacting amongst complex intentional scenarios.

Software solutions for Supply Chain synchronization ought to be designed with an instable design, like the X-29, which gives the aircraft the best characteristics to engage in a dog fight in air combat

Supply Chain Visionary

The solution provided by Optima gave the airline the ability to increase the number of planned operations in its entire network, specially at major hubs, while enabling it to maintain control of operations when unforeseen events, such as bad weather hit a major airport.

American Airlines Flight Dispatch

...they discovered the capability to unleash the potential value tied in inventory carrying costs, product obsolescence, re-work and under-utilization of key production resources. Hence, they develop a methodological approach to stay ahead of their competitors in very tight economic conditions using innovative business solution approaches and IT aligned with their business strategy.

Gamesa, Mexico

Once again I had the opportunity and luck to work with Alberto, who showed a strong & updated knowledge regarding Supply Chain Process. Being an expert on this matter, Alberto has the ability to perform an excellent job with new tools and his smooth way to get people involved in the process, always with good humor and commitment.

Daniel Montserrat, Frito-Lay

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